At Kreuzueber, we see it as our responsibility to act sustainably and never wastefully, both when it comes to the consumption of raw materials and resources of any kind.
Durability, longevity, social justice and environmental compatibility are our basic requirements for every entrepreneurial activity. Our biggest goal is to give something back. That's why we donate 10% of our profits to essential organizations that provide aid right where humanitarian grievances are occurring.
High quality means high durability! We had the thought when we were looking for raw material. That is why we make sure that we can offer you good products. Our basics are made from 100% organic cotton. This means that the cotton was grown without chemical insecticides, fertilizers or other pesticides. This ensures that neither flora nor fauna are endangered under the cultivation. We do not use animal materials and are always on the lookout for vegan variants (see blog post ). If in some cases it is essential to use synthetic fibers, we only use recycled polyester. All these aspects make our goods high-quality basics that you will enjoy for a long time. Which have been carefully produced and are not comparable to basics from global player offers. And we promise you: you can feel it!
What is sustainable design? For us, designing sustainably means following the guiding principle that clothing does not become a product that has a short optical lifespan. This means that we want to design clothing that doesn't follow a seasonal look, but rather as a "basic" or "classic" that goes with as many outfits and wardrobes as possible.
We don't want to follow trends and produce clothes that disappear into the depths of the wardrobe after a short time. That's why we work with cuts and colors that are timeless. In order to be able to offer variety in the range at times, we work with small collections and small quantities.

The apparel industry is one of the largest industries in which the global gap between the various producing countries is mercilessly exploited. This means that many production facilities are run under inhumane conditions. The economic advantage that Western countries receive from this is exploited to the detriment of workers. We currently obtain our raw materials from two fair producers, mainly from Stanley/Stella . Our self-produced items are produced in Germany, Portugal and Serbia. We make sure that they are ecological or recycled. When we arrive, each garment is embroidered to order and made ready for shipment. This means that the production costs are ultimately higher, but it also ensures that there is no unnecessary overproduction and that we really only produce what you buy!
First of all: Of course, shipping ALWAYS consumes resources. Whether material or human resources. And of course we are also super happy that we can also make people from Berlin happy with our clothes, for example. That's why we do everything we can to keep our footprint there as small as possible. We ship with DHL go Green and, where possible, avoid unnecessary packaging material. Yes, there is super great packaging, but how much added value does something like that have in the end, apart from the fact that it looks nice?
You won't find a free return label in our packages either. We don't do this out of greed, but because we want to help people shop more consciously (online). It has become a resource-wasting trend to have things delivered to my home en masse on the Internet that I may not need or want at all. But it doesn't matter, you can simply send them back »free of charge«. Of course there is no free return, because resources are used up.
We do not want to promote that, but rather reflected and conscious consumption.