Are you looking for sustainable socks that have been manufactured under fair and social conditions? Best still made in Germany?

With us you will find fair and vegan socks in bright colors and of course - with our dinosaurs on them.

Our socks have a plush sole and are therefore particularly comfortable to wear. Materials such as cotton and elastane make them pleasantly soft.

Fair and practical companions in everyday life

We need socks all year round. Whether socks in sandals in summer or jogging pants in autumn or with shorts? Make our dinosaurs visible and make a statement #dinos gegennazis

Our tennis socks are tight on the foot and are therefore ideal for sports, hiking or cycling. The reinforced heel and the rope at the ankle ensure a comfortable fit in all situations.

sock discount

As you can see, our dinosaur socks are in constant use, which is why there is a 10% discount for three or more pairs of socks!

And it doesn't stop there, try 4... Best of all, with every purchase you donate 10% of the profit to social organizations. You can find out what they are and what they do so well here .

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