who we are.

Who we are and what we want...uff...primarily two completely different people who share the same values. With KREUZUEBER we want to show what should be taken for granted. The founding of KREUZUEBER at the beginning of a pandemic, in which everyone was bunkering and primarily thinking about their own survival, really made us think hard again. What kind of absurd time was that? Hoarding toilet paper, noodles...and people are drowning in the Mediterranean, chaos reigns on Lesbos...and oh yes, what was that about in Australia? We were such a mixture of sad, angry and full of energy. Maybe that's exactly the character that KREUZUEBER has? We are often torn as to whether what we are doing here is "right". Being part of the consumer society often feels contradictory to what we want to achieve. We are part of the system and the fact cannot be changed, but it can be changed. Especially in these exceptionally privileged positions in which we find ourselves as white Europeans, it is time to stop thinking only about ourselves. We can cross borders at any time and are usually greeted in a friendly manner. Our privileges come at the expense of others. We want to use these privileges sensibly and start helping with our skills and resources. Of course we cannot help everywhere we would like to help and we often ask ourselves if what we are doing is enough. And of course the answer is NO. Otherwise you could stagnate. Imagine every company would only donate a few percent of sales. That would make an incredible difference. But instead, their own pockets are getting bigger and bigger, the needs are growing as well as the chasms. Yes, we are part of the "fashion industry", this cannot be abolished, but it can be changed. We humans want to consume, but you can also do so consciously. Our goal is for people to start thinking about what, how much and most importantly why they consume. You can't buy happiness, even if advertising suggests it. Nor does the ever-expanding wallet make you happier. KREUZUEBER wants to be fair, educate and grow in the skills this brand has to help not enrich themselves. It is a dream to be able to help and clarify many more points. To become a brand that can reinvest growth in relief and educational work. Thank you for your support over the past year. We are overwhelmed.