#EuropeMustAct bag

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We donate 100% of the profits from our #EuropeMustAct bags to sea rescue organizations .

20,000. That is the number of people who died fleeing to Europe. Away from war, hunger and misery.
They didn't die because we didn't have the funds. Not because we didn't notice.

The EU and Germany do not save. No, they are doing everything they can to criminalize civil sea rescue.

What is actually wrong with us?
The richest countries in the world.
How many more people have to die?

We thank all the people who don't look the other way, who tackle or donate, who save lives!

How about giving our loved ones a donation to an organization at Christmas?
There really isn't more love.
Let's tackle it.



@Doctors Without Borders

And everyone else doing incredibly important work.

material: 100% cotton

Delivery time 1-5 days.

We make sure that the raw materials from which our textiles are made are fair, sustainable and vegan.

Icons fair eco vegan

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