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Become part of the dinosaur gang #dinos gegennazis
This is how you can make all your favorite clothes dinosaur-friendly !

Whether our hats, your hoodie, shirt or fanny pack! All you need is an iron and, bang, expand the dinosaur gang with a new/old part!

Fair, ecological, sustainable and the best with every purchase you donate 10% of the profit to social organizations. You can find out what they are and what they do so well here .

Dimensions (Width x Height):
Pride Dino: 6.0cm x 6.0cm

Delivery time 1-5 days.

  • Instructions for ironing on your dino patch:
  • The iron should be set to the highest level of 170 - 190 °C , but without the steam function.
  • Now lay the fabric on which the patch is to be ironed as flat as possible on the ironing board. Caution: Only iron the patches onto cotton fabrics!
  • Detach the foil on the back of the patch. Now position the patch in the right place as smooth and straight as possible on the clothing so that no creases form later.
  • To protect the patch, you can now place a thin cloth over it, for example a handkerchief or baking paper.
  • Then iron inside out with a hot iron. It is important that you go over the patch with sufficient pressure (especially on the edges).
  • Ironing time should be about 15-25 seconds at medium pressure . Not too short, so that the fabric glue can also melt and bond to the substrate. Not too long so the heat doesn't damage the fabric and patch.
  • Now turn inside out and additionally fix from the other side.
  • Tip: Turn the textile inside out when washing to protect the fabric and patch. We recommend max. 30°C without a spin cycle.

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Katharina S.
Süße Dinos

Die Dino Patches sind sehr süß und passen wirklich zu jedem Kleidungsstück!

Einfache Bestellung plus Bezahlung

Einfache Bestellung plus Bezahlung. Immer informiert über aktuellen Stand und schneller Versand!

Sehr schöne Qualität und schnelle…

Sehr schöne Qualität und schnelle Lieferung.

absolut zufrieden

Ich bin absolut zufrieden. Alles ist gut und schnell angekommen. Einzig ein Karton für lediglich ein paar Aufnäher und Sticker wäre nicht nötig gewesen. Dies kann ich mir nur dadurch erklären, dass die Bestellung sonst nicht versichert gewesen wäre.

Schneller Versand

Schneller Versand, super Produkt

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