you want to have your own socks produced?

We have the machine for it!

Short overview.

We start at 100 pieces.

We knit the socks here in Wuppertal in our production facility. clearly with eco-electricity and organic cotton.
of course we also have to work in elastane and some polyester. but the main part is organic. but we are also working on a better solution for the other parts.
min. 40 pieces per size. the creation of patterns for logo socks & patterned socks costs a one-time fee of 300€ per style. this amount will be charged for orders of €2,000 or more.
we will send you the sample. one change is included. this will normally be sent in the form of a photo for clarification. then you would give the release by mail. After receipt of payment, the order goes into production.
we don't print socks, we knit in the logo. history cannot be reproduced in this way. 1 stitch is 1 pixel. we have a 168 needle machine, so 168 pixels all around.
the prices:
100 pieces 8.98 euros net
200 pieces 7.90 euros net
300 pieces 7.10 euros net
500 pieces 5.90 euros net
1000 pieces 4.90 euros net
further quantities on request.
price includes banderole in your design 1 color plus shipping