The world needs new dinosaurs (with laser eyes)! And in order to spread them in our wonderful world in the most sustainable way possible, we thought...HAE...PORTEMONNAIE...PAPRCUTS?? It fell from our eyes like the so-called scales. So we just asked and to our great joy, the lovely people at Paprcuts accepted. So from now on you can always carry a DINO AGAINST NAZIS around with you and what luck that he also takes care of your Penunsen at the same time.

But tell me, who are these paprcuts?

Paprcuts is, according to Nils, a heart project, a vision, a constant process and started with a crazy idea and a homemade party purse after Nils had been through the night.

With paprcuts we want to make the world a little more colourful. Your wallets, toiletry bags, passport covers and co. are made of the water-repellent, extremely tear-resistant & vegan material Tyvek. Reminds of paper - but is super stable. Your products are lovingly handcrafted in Germany, Poland and Portugal - why produce at the other end of the world when you can do it fairly on your doorstep?

We believe that brands with similar values ​​should support each other & are therefore very happy to have products with and from paprcuts in our shop.